Why Sharp AutoGas?

Many fleets choose to convert their existing vehicles from gasoline to propane autogas. In partnership with Alliance AutoGas, Sharp Energy uses an aftermarket conversion system from a global technology leader, Alliance Engineered Fuel System, which is EPA-certified for more than 200 vehicle types. The fairly-priced Alliance Engineered Fuel System powers millions of autogas vehicles worldwide. By working with fleets of all sizes, Sharp Energy and Alliance AutoGas are helping fleets save on fuel costs and displace enormous amounts of gasoline.

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Vehicle Conversion Centers

Your partnership with Sharp Energy and Sharp AutoGas includes Certified Conversion Centers with trained technicians who will convert and maintain your autogas vehicles. Sharp AutoGas certified conversion technicians deliver quality-controlled, EPA-certified conversions.

There are many benefits of using propane autogas. If you have a larger fleet with skilled in-house technicians, our conversion experts can train your fleet mechanical team to perform conversions and maintenance for your autogas vehicles. We also will train your service center.

The Alliance Engineered Fuel System uses five main components:

  • Reducer: Converts the liquid autogas to vapor.
  • Injector: Injects the autogas into the manifold.
  • Filter Units: Filters particles out of the fuel.
  • Computer: Controls the whole system.
  • LPG Switch: Displays fuel level and allows driver control over fuel.

With the bi-fuel system, the vehicle starts on gasoline and immediately switches to autogas. This technology provides drivers with flexibility and fleet managers with peace of mind and alleviates range anxiety. The vehicle can switch back to gasoline if necessary, so fuel can always be reached.

Conversion Costs

Vehicle conversion costs could be challenging. Through competitive financing programs, potential for grants and tax incentives, Sharp Energy offers a wide array of options that make converting your fleets possible. Fleets that participate in the Sharp Energy financing program automatically experience an immediate return on investment (ROI), and those who pay for conversions upfront typically see a ROI in 12 to 24 months, depending on mileage driven.

Find Out How to Convert and Fuel Your Fleet with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Our sister company, Marlin Compression, is a leader in fleet conversion and fueling. With the historically stable price of compressed natural gas (CNG), pay up to 50% less than diesel, while also eliminating the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or hours wasted waiting on regeneration. CNG trucks offer a long-term and sustainable solution that gives you more control and predictability over your fuel and maintenance costs for the life of your truck.

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Why Autogas?

Why Autogas?

When you convert your fleet to run on propane autogas, you are investing in your fleet’s future.

Why Autogas?

Fuel Cost Savings

Autogas fleets experience fuel cost savings which result in a real cost per mile difference.

Eco-Friendly Fuel

Eco-Friendly Fuel

Autogas is a cleaner-burning and eco-friendly fuel.

Made in USA

Made in USA

98% of our nation’s propane autogas is produced in the U.S. Using autogas means reducing dependence on foreign oil.