About Us

Sharp Energy is an aspiring and caring autogas propane company. We are a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE: CPK). Sharp Energy is one of the largest propane companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. However, we offer the kind of personalized customer service you won’t often find with a company our size.

We proudly serve 37,000 customers from 10 customer service centers. We provide propane autogas to many locations in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Southeast Pennsylvania. Our centers are managed and operated by your neighbors

Sharp Energy delivers over 40 million gallons annually in combination with residential, commercial, industrial, wholesale and AutoGas.

Sharp Energy continues to research the latest advances in green energy. We aspire to seek out opportunities to incorporate these innovations into our products and service offerings.  In continuing with our mission, we are proud to partner with Alliance AutoGas. 

Because Sharp Energy is a member of Alliance AutoGas, we are part of a national consortium of companies providing an industry leading complete program for fleets interested in shifting from gasoline to clean-burning propane AutoGas. Autogas is the world’s most popular alternative fuel. In addition, AutoGas is the best fit alternative fuel for light to medium duty vehicles. AutoGas can be used in any size fleet and can be used in any location.

Sharp Energy and Alliance AutoGas install and support propane vehicle conversion systems for vehicle fleets. Sharp Energy continues to convert fleets to bi-fuel propane powered engines.    

It is our sincere hope that we will be able to bring Autogas and other environmentally friendly products to our loyal customers in the future. Visit the Alliance AutoGas website at allianceautogas.com to learn more about the future of propane powered vehicles.

Sharp Energy cares about preserving the environment for future generations.